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29 Apr 2016

Social Media Misuse 

“But it’s my Facebook, my boss doesn’t have a say of what I post.” “I do my work, so why them complaining if I’m chatting online or emailing my family.” Sentiments like these are often articulated by staff members, who believe that being disciplined for using their personal social media platforms is outrageous. However according to Corey M. Dennis, Associate in the Boston Office of Morrison Mahoney LLP “Legal Implications of Employee Social Media Use” he states, “Employees’ use of […]

27 Apr 2016

Zero out of 10: The Score I wish I had gotten

We all wish to be great.  At least the high achievers among us.  Sometimes painstakingly and physically sickening as it might be.  We trod through academia expecting or maybe just assuming albeit confidently so that success in that world transcends into the world of work.  Then few years later, unable to qualify for a mortgage, and several coffees that you genuinely don’t like later you realise you might have just called that one wrong. With that said, one might wonder […]

27 Apr 2016
22 Apr 2016


Choosing a career/changing a career – Part 2 If you are doing a job or working in an environment that brings you no satisfaction, no fulfillment or no joy, it’s time to look for a new job or a new career. Alternatively, if you have been in a particular job or a particular company and there seems to be no prospect for movement, growth or development, it may be time to consider moving on. Once that realization comes, it may […]

15 Apr 2016


Choosing a Career/Changing a Career – Part 1 Many people can’t seem to get their careers off the ground. Others have seen their careers reach a certain point and stall. These are some pointers that will help you choose a job or a career:   If you want to feel a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment about the job you are doing on a daily basis, choose a job or a career that enables you to do what you love […]