Pretty bows and wrapping paper…

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts?  Especially big boxes with fancy bows!  The anticipation and excitement of wondering what is inside brings you back to your childhood.  Or if you’re a lady, who doesn’t get super excited when those little velvet boxes are secretly slipped from behind your spouse’s back.  For, something precious and memorable is surely to be contained in that box.

I liken those examples to employers.  We have some who focus on what is in front of them but fail to appreciate the real value of the gift.  Value isn’t always defined by what the gift can be used for and even less by the look of the gift wrapping paper.  Likewise, some employers are only concerned that persons do what they were hired for.  While this was acceptable years ago, greater competition and open markets require a whole organization of strategic thinkers, because significant value often lies much deeper than in the overalls, shirt and tie or dreadlocks in front of you.

That right there is the issue for some employers, realizing that a person is multifaceted and not programmed to just “work, work, work.”  You may encounter a quiet individual who isn’t into mixing, just keeping their head down and working, but if engaged has a brilliant plan to market your business.  Or you may even have a team of employees who have ideas to generate sales leads.  Don’t box your employees into categories!

The Reward
Likewise, remember when you were younger, you were always told, if you behave yourself, Santa Claus would bring you a nice gift, with that in mind, you did what was right, gee, you even put in double the work.  If you were asked to take out the trash, you not only took it out, but was willing to sweep and mop the kitchen, all because you wanted to be rewarded.  In the work environment we operate in a similar instance, are you an employee that has the mind set of “I get five cents so I will give them the worth of five cents” and nothing more?  Or are you an employee who may know your employers are working under cost constraints but look for innovative, cost-effective ways to get your task completed?  Remember back in that interview, when you said, “Yes! Yes! I am willing to go above and beyond.” Hmmm look at yourself now, are you doing more than what you are paid for?  Are you suggesting ideas to management to get things done? Or are you boxing yourself in and blaming your employer’s?


Contributed by Samantha Hazlewood, MComms.

Samantha appreciates gifts in all size boxes!


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