Insights into the world of business through the eyes of a professional Recruiter

Professional Recruiter

What is the role of a professional recruiter?

There are essentially two types of professional recruiters in the business environment: in-house recruiters who perform their roles within the business or organization that needs to recruit, and external recruiters who work independently or for recruitment companies that provide recruitment services to other companies and organizations. In-house recruiters and external recruiters perform similar roles: they meet with managers, understand their hiring needs, and takes appropriate action to have their vacant positions filled as soon as possible. The main difference is the setting from which they operate.


Why companies and organization utilize the services of recruiters?

So what justifies the existence of a specialist role called recruiter? The degree of success and the longevity of business organizations depends on their ability to perform their roles better, faster, more reliably and more cost effectively than most of their competitors. The rewards are acceptable revenue levels, profits, and overall success. So why go to a recruitment company to have a vacant position filled? There are several advantages. Saving time is number one and “time is money” literally. Each day that passes by without an important position being filled can result is loss revenue, increased cost, or both. Professional recruiters have the ability to find talent more quickly and efficiently than the typical business or organization.


Contributed by Rohan Malone, RACR, B.Sc.

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