January 2018
job description

The Low Down on the JD (Job Description)

Recently I was tasked with a project that required me to review an establishment’s...
3rd Jan 18
July 2017
Human Resources, Human Element

Human Element of Human Resources

That dreaded department!  The department that sets the rules and mandates.  That department that...
19th Jul 17
December 2016
Professional Recruiter

Why Hire a Professional Recruiter?

What are the benefits of utilizing the services of a Professional Recruiter? Professional recruiters...
30th Dec 16
Professional Recruiter

Insights into the world of business through the eyes of a professional Recruiter

What is the role of a professional recruiter? There are essentially two types of...
23rd Dec 16

The modern business environment – the impact of Technology.

Any organization doing business in today’s competitive business environment finds itself facing a number...
16th Dec 16
August 2016

Pretty bows and wrapping paper…

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts?  Especially big boxes with fancy bows!  The anticipation and...
3rd Aug 16
July 2016

It’s not what you say, but how you say it! Conducting yourself in the interview!

The time that you arrive for an interview can be regarded as the first...
15th Jul 16

Workplace Relationships

“Leave your problems at the door.” While the essence of that statement is understood...
8th Jul 16

Dressing the Part for the Interview

Once you have received the news that you have been selected for a job...
1st Jul 16
June 2016

Somebody’s watching me!!

In 2014 according to a survey conducted by Jobvite, 94% of the persons they...
24th Jun 16
May 2016
April 2016

Social Media Misuse 

“But it’s my Facebook, my boss doesn’t have a say of what I post.”...
29th Apr 16

Zero out of 10: The Score I wish I had gotten

We all wish to be great.  At least the high achievers among us.  Sometimes...
27th Apr 16


Choosing a career/changing a career – Part 2 If you are doing a job...
22nd Apr 16


Choosing a Career/Changing a Career – Part 1 Many people can’t seem to get...
15th Apr 16