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19 Jul 2017
Human Resources, Human Element

Human Element of Human Resources

That dreaded department!  The department that sets the rules and mandates.  That department that controls your most valued asset.   Yes you guessed it- HUMAN RESOURCES! Your valued Assets Employees are important to businesses because they enable those businesses to operate and offer valuable knowledge that assist the organization in its success. Employees are loyal to a company if they believe that they are treated well.  As employers, we sometimes forget that we are not just operating machines, or dealing with […]

30 Dec 2016
Professional Recruiter

Why Hire a Professional Recruiter?

What are the benefits of utilizing the services of a Professional Recruiter? Professional recruiters tend to have access to candidates that the typical employer would not have access to. One reason for this is that most professional recruiters build up a network of friends, associates and connections that they can readily tap into when they are looking for suitable candidates on the behalf of clients. This enables the professional recruiter to reach out to specific individuals in their network who […]

23 Dec 2016
Professional Recruiter

Insights into the world of business through the eyes of a professional Recruiter

What is the role of a professional recruiter? There are essentially two types of professional recruiters in the business environment: in-house recruiters who perform their roles within the business or organization that needs to recruit, and external recruiters who work independently or for recruitment companies that provide recruitment services to other companies and organizations. In-house recruiters and external recruiters perform similar roles: they meet with managers, understand their hiring needs, and takes appropriate action to have their vacant positions filled as […]

16 Dec 2016

The modern business environment – the impact of Technology.

Any organization doing business in today’s competitive business environment finds itself facing a number of challenges, many of which are unique to modern times. These challenges include the fact that consumers have access to virtually unlimited information about practically anything and everything. Competitors also have access to unlimited information. Technology drives the explosion in access to information.  Technology also drives how we communicate, how we work, how we recruit, and how we achieve the results that we want. One practical […]

15 Jul 2016

It’s not what you say, but how you say it! Conducting yourself in the interview!

The time that you arrive for an interview can be regarded as the first statement you make. When you arrive early, you are making a statement that you can be expected to arrive early after you are hired. Warmly greet the staff you encounter before the interview as you may leave a negative feeling if current employees feel that you were aloof. In addition, warmly greet the interviewers with a degree of enthusiasm. How you say the greeting is even […]