Executive & Leadership Training


The Bullet Proof Manager training session is a monthly business incubator where leaders grow their skills, exchange ideas and share what’s working now.

Participants can join the Bullet Proof Manager course at any time and attend one monthly session for 12 consecutive months. Each session lasts approximately four hours and concentrates on two management or leadership skills.

At the completion of the training, participating managers will have spent 48 hours in a structured learning environment, exchanging ideas with managers from different fields, backgrounds and experiences.

Curious to find out how this training program differs from other leadership programs and how you are guaranteed a Return on your training Investment?



Monthly Session


Consecutive Months


Hours Per Session


Hours Total Training

“What do great leaders do great?”

That’s the question we asked CEO’s around the world.

Here's what they said...




Plan & set goals50%

Execute & Manage Performance65%

Leadership Skills Workshop

Start developing your team today with our complimentary, two-hour Leadership Skills Workshop.

We will bring the session to you –no cost and no obligation –and your managers will discover valuable insights that can immediately apply to improve company financials and growth.


  • Identify current challenges and find answers leading to sustainable change
  • Uncover the key to more effective hiring
  • Practice a strategy for developing a top-performing team
  • Learn a clear, results-oriented approach to team communication
  • Engage employees so that they are motivated to create the best ideas
  • Develop a clear list of priorities to improve your customers’ experience
  • Set action plans with specific and measurable steps, making this two-hour workshop one of the most valuable meetings you have ever experienced