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We're a rich mix of Talents

At Profiles Caribbean Inc. We specialize in Hr Solutions, Assessments, Recruitment and Executive Training.

Profiles is a dynamic business

Profiles has developed relationships with several organizations locally and regionally to assist and advise on Human Resource related matters. What makes us different is the rich mix of talent which has specialist knowledge in Human Resources, Recruitment, Communications and Operations; therefore creating a truly blended, palatable and practical HR solutions. we have assisted a number of organizations, locally and regionally with aspects of their Human Resources.

We develop:

•Employee handbooks,
• Assistance with interviewing,
• Development of Job Descriptions,
• Training and Development Programmes
• Job Evaluations,
• Performance Appraisal Systems,
• Compensation Surveys & Schemes,
• Career Planning,
• Employee Support Programmes,
• Human Resource Audits and many other processes that may need to be addressed.

Human Resource Consulting line of business

Where necessary, we will source the best talent in the region to complete varied assignments.

Other services which are offered through our Human Resource Consulting line of business include but are not limited to:

• Interviewing – Telephone,
• Face to Face,
• Panel Designing of Assessment Centres (including being the assessor / facilitator)
• Training – Recruitment,
• Payroll
• Job Analysis
• Evaluations
• Recruitment Fairs
• Image Surveys
• Organizational Review and Redesign Institutional Strengthening

Why use Profiles Caribbean Inc ?

10,000 + local, Regional and International CV’s in our Database !

Approximately, 2000 monthly visitors on social media platforms and website

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